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Let Me Introduce Myself

In 2014, my father passed away suddenly from a heart attack. It was devastating. I also had a large amount of credit card debt, my job paid me decently but I didn’t love what I did, and my marriage was falling apart. I started reading everything I could about how to deal with the grief, get out of this rut and turn my life around. What I learned to develop was a skill that changed my life completely.


The skill is self-observation. I learned to look OBJECTIVELY at how I operate. How I think. How I feel. How I behave. I learned to understand WHY I do the things I do, and how to change my behavior. By developing this skill, I learned how to be resilient, perform better, lead better, and work better with others.

The practice I learned to develop self-observation is MINDFULNESS. It has been the one practice that turned my life around. I joined Tesla and in under 4 years worked my way up to running Sales Training at a national level. I started a business. I’m in a happy and healthy relationship. I’m in the best shape of my life.


My mission is to share the practice of mindfulness in the workplace where it is so desperately needed!

For years I’ve developed training programs for billion dollar companies such as Tesla and SolarCity. One thing I learned is that adults need a bit more than just DRY CONTENT to learn something new. So, I developed an approach to training that combines Education and Entertainment to ensure a world-class learning experience! Adults retain information better when we’re having FUN in the process. My training programs are designed to engage learners in a way that you won’t typically find in online courses.

My promise to you is that you won’t simply be going through a training. It is an experience! One that provides you with the practical application of new ideas that will support your growth in the workplace.

I could have chosen to leverage my training skills to develop online courses for many different topics, but I chose mindfulness because I have EXPERIENCED the benefits, and it is my true passion!

More about me:

  • Proud father
  • Graduate: Seton Hall University, MA
  • Certified Mindfulness Trainer
  • Health Nut (although I’m not a fan of avocado)
  • Mentor / Coach
  • Foodie
  • Audiobookworm


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